Our Story

Tower Jewellers is an Irish family business founded in 1991 by Paul Conway after his love and passion for jewellery sparked a desire to train as a goldsmith over 25 years ago. 

Paul and his wife both fell in love with the idea of opening a jewellery store so together, they made it their goal. After working full time, meticulously saving money and hosting jewellery parties on the side, they finally made their dream a reality.

Since the opening of their first store on Tower Road Clondalkin, their two children have been introduced into the business. A quickly evolving love affair with the wonderful world of jewellery has lead to our latest venture  - Untold Stories at Tower Jewellers. 

As a family we are launching this fresh concept with a classical yet contemporary edge. The idea was thought up by their daughter, Sinead after a year of travelling the world. Her renewed energy and enthusiasm drove her to create this exciting new dimension within the business.

Each of us have had a unique input into the collection which we describe as effortless, feminine, flattering & timeless. Every piece is handcrafted to optimum expertise with a personal touch and we pride ourselves on delivering luxury, precision, symmetry and style in every detail. Each piece is to be adored, coming to life with movement and fluidity. 

All our jewellery is handmade in Ireland.


"We hope you feel our ethos as you enjoy wearing our jewellery."